Welcome to the Engineers Rising Revolution!

Hi! I'm Stephanie Slocum, founder of Engineers Rising LLC.  As an engineer, author, speaker, and mom of three young girls, I help female engineers create a path to the career and life they deserve. 

My engineering background is as a structural building engineer in the construction industry. I worked as a project manager for ten years in corporate and small business environments on large architectural building projects, during which time I became a mother three times over to my darling girls, the oldest of which is currently nine. Returning to work shortly after each child was born, I learned first hand how to successfully navigate the challenges women face in the industry with the help of those around me, including both professional and personal mentors. I'm an introvert, an avid reader, and someone who used to dread any type of networking and public speaking. I learned how to step out of my comfort zone to achieve my dreams. 

In 2017, I was inspired to share that knowledge with the world. I got up at 5am to write, wrote after the kids were in bed, and used every spare moment available when I wasn't working to write and publish She Engineers: Outsmart Bias, Unlock Your Potential, and Create the Engineering Career of Your Dreams. Having worked for 15 years rising up the engineering ranks, I wanted every young woman to know that yes, you can have an engineering career and a family. You don't have to settle. And there are many things I've learned the hard way - from dealing with bias to what happens when you don't have a career plan - that I wanted to share so you don't make the same mistakes I did!

My vision for Engineers Rising is to start an engineering cultural revolution. One where each person is valued for the specific skills she brings to the table. I believe that this starts with individuals - individual engineers owning their strengths and using them to carve out their own path. Frankly, that means unlearning a lot of the things we have been conditioned to believe since childhood. And I believe that we do this in conjunction with, not in spite of, our numerous male colleagues who know that a more diverse engineering workforce results in a more innovative, more rewarding profession for us all. My own husband (also an engineer) included.