Are you motivated to have an extraordinary engineering career on your terms? This book will give you the tools to achieve your dreams by showing you:

  • How to determine your strengths and use them for maximum influence.

  • How to find your expert niche and use it to create the career (and life!) you deserve.

  • Why the well-meaning career advice given to male engineers backfires for women, and how you can avoid those traps.

  • How to have a career you love without sacrificing all your waking hours.

  • How to neutralize gender bias while maximizing your earning potential.

  • The one thing you must do to elevate your career to the next level.


reviewers are saying

This is a great read whether you are still studying engineering in school, have only been in the field for a few years, or have many years under your belt. Ms. Slocum does a great job of explaining what it takes to make the transition from being a good technician in your field to making the next step and managing larger and larger teams of people for those mega-projects. I really appreciated the parts of the book that spoke to getting your own personal psychology and mindset correct first, so that you can go after those larger projects and further your career. Awesome read for both men and women in the engineering field!
....if you know a female in a technical field- this is the best possible gift you can give them. Know a working woman? She’ll find herself improved by these pages as well. Know a male engineer? He will LOVE this book.