She Engineers is a bestseller at!

This evening I am rehearsing for my radio appearance on the NPR affiliate, WITF, tomorrow morning. It will be an early morning for me, as the show is about two hours away from my house and airs live at 9am. It’s currently after 10pm, but I was so excited about a discovery I made a few minutes ago that I was compelled to record a video and write a quick blog post!

This is the second time I’ll be on WITF in the last two months. The first interview was in December for the American Society of Civil Engineer’s Pennsylvania Infrastructure Report Card. Click HERE to listen to that interview. As you may already know, I have been a volunteer with ASCE for some time now, and was extremely involved in the “schools” category for my state’s Infrastructure Report Card. This category is near and dear to my heart since I have two children currently in public schools, and spent much of my structural engineering career designing education or education-support facilities.

Tomorrow, I’ll be talking about “Girls in Stem” with Judd Pittman, STEM Advisor for the Department of EducationBeth Teske, Assistant Head of School for Academics and Science Department Chair at Linden Hall School for Girls, and Olivia Bennett, sophomore engineering student, York County School of Technology.  We’ll be talking about if girls just aren’t interested in STEM (Spoiler alert: not true!) and what can be done to increase diversity in STEM fields, with a focus on the K-12 STEM pipeline.

While I was preparing for this interview, I logged onto to copy the She Engineers book link to share with the panelists tomorrow.

When I logged on, I found something really cool. She Engineers is #1 in it’s category tonight, which is the first time in 2019 the book has been #1! I am so very grateful for this community’s continued support! Thank you for sharing this book with others it can help!

If you want to see my reaction as I checked it out on this evening, please click on the very short video below:

I really do need to go to bed now, but I invite you to listen to the WITF show tomorrow. The link is posted below, and is also recorded so you can listen at your convenience.


Below is the link to the WITF “Girls in STEM” interview for your listening convenience. I think you’ll enjoy our back-and-forth unscripted discussion.


Amazon bestseller status is bestowed upon the best selling book in each category, for a specific period of time when it is a bestseller. Each category has a bestseller. The bestselling banner is a temporary - not permanent - designation. She Engineers is a bestseller in the category. There is also an additional Amazon list for bestsellers on all on Amazon, which is typically dominated by fiction books or memoirs by extremely famous celebrities, of which I am not. Because the banner is temporary, it also means that it’s entirely possible that when you log onto Amazon, the banner will have disappeared (for now).