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Welcome to the brand new website! Please have a look around, sign up for free stuff of interest, and comment below if you have any topics you'd like to know more about on the blog.

You may be wondering how and why came to be founded. Please check out the "About" tab, which includes an introduction to me and the company, as well as some FAQ about our specialty in female engineer career and leadership development.

You may be looking for resources for female engineers and their managers. If so, check out the free chapter of my book, She Engineers on the "Book" tab. There's also a link to (exclusive distributor) if you would like to purchase the book.

We are planning to routinely publish free, practical content you can immediately apply in your own career on our blog, and have created a step-by-step 1 year career goal setting guide that you can download and use at the bottom of this page. You can also check out the "News" tab for links to articles outside this site in which either myself or Engineers Rising is featured.

You might be curious how we can help you. Check out our "Services" tab for more information. We offer career coaching and will be launching a pilot course program based on the She Engineers book later this year. We also have spoken at several events with varied engineering genders, ages, and races (college students to firm owners), so if you are looking for your next event speaker on contemporary leadership and diversity topics, you are in the right place!

Hears to you and your career success! Thank you for visiting!